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Alfonzo has two wolf dogs he uses as trackers because of their keen sense of smell. The dog's names, Ambassador and Skill as every great drug dealer has to have a canine by his side. Ebooks

Also by Creem's side is his trusty. He's also has an arsenal of guns, as well as a contingent of gangbangers who drive Chevy Tahoe's, armed to the teeth. However, he is losing his foot soldiers everyday to the virus, which counts as a double loss, another vamp and one less human in the fight. Creem is known under the name of Alonzo in the TV series. His transparent, bold attitude is seen by Gus, who is not intimidated into selling a stolen Mercedes Benz for a mere dollars to Creem. After losing his brother and mother to the infection, Gus ambushes Alonzo and forces him to open a container with unknown lading.

It is revealed that he is complicit, maybe unwittingly, in transporting vamps to other parts of the world, in order to accelerate the pandemic initiated by the Master. Gus ends up being abducted. Creem and Vaun seem to know each other. Most likely Creem has been tasked by Vaun to smuggle goods or provide logistics.

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